7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife: A Doctor Reviews the by Jean Jacques Charbonier

By Jean Jacques Charbonier

Over the process his 25-year profession as an anesthesiologist and extensive care health care professional, Jean Jacques Charbonier, M.D., accrued countless numbers of debts of sufferers who back from medical loss of life. throughout all of those accounts—from sufferers with drastically diverse backgrounds—Dr. Charbonier chanced on outstanding similarities in addition to undeniable facts that those reports have been greater than hallucinations. He surveyed different physicians, nurses, caregivers and chanced on that their sufferers defined an identical studies in addition to exhibited an analogous optimistic existence adjustments later on. Igniting a systematic quest to profit extra, he accrued extra money owed of near-death studies in addition to out-of-body reviews, attended dozens of periods with mediums, experimented effectively with digital communique with the deceased (EVP), interviewed countless numbers of people that have cared for the death, and amassed numerous inexplicable tales of "signs" from the afterlife. With each one event he studied, he stumbled on himself extra firmly believing within the survival of awareness past loss of life. Dr. Charbonier distills his findings into 7 purposes to think within the afterlife, starting with the greater than 60 million humans all over the world who've pronounced a transcendent afterlife adventure. He refutes the normal objections of doubters and materialists element through aspect, mentioning medical examine on NDEs and the paintings of pioneers within the box of recognition reports resembling Raymond Moody and Pim van Lommel. Drawing on meticulously recorded and hospital-verified situations, Dr. Charbonier explains that we must always no longer worry dying for ourselves or our family. by way of freeing our worry of demise, we will safely arrange for "the ultimate journey." As those that have back from demise display, loss of life is just a transition and its classes allow us to stay extra totally, peacefully, and fortunately within the now.

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I have also received numerous e-mails from people who were at a dying person’s side. Below are a few selected excerpts. ; and the last is from Pascal V. ” Her father had died a few years before. I noticed that quite often at the moment of death certain people say that they see, at the foot of their bed, relatives or friends who have passed. It happens quite often. I think that all those who work as I do in palliative care know about these things, but very few people talk about it. When Mom died, at the exact instant when she took her last breath, she cried out, “André,” while looking at the ceiling.

However, a few seconds before uttering his last cry, his behavior changed utterly. He asked God’s pardon as he wept the last of his body’s tears. I can see once again his bulging eyes and his trembling lips mumbling this pitiable supplication. It was as if he had suddenly found himself in front of something huge and fearful to behold. Below I have provided, from memory, a few reactions of dying persons that show a calm and phlegmatic acceptance as they face the imminence of the great departure.

Just before her death, my grandmother asked us to look at the “shining angel” who, apparently, was behind us. She was so insistent that, in order not to annoy her, we all agreed that we saw him just as she did—but in fact none of us saw anything at all! • How We Underestimate Our Conventions When we’re alive it’s very difficult for us to accept the existence of a life after death. In the West we grow up in a spiritually undeveloped, materialist society in which, by convention, from early childhood we are inculcated with the idea that death means nothingness.

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