86 Life Answers: ARIES by John Mesina

By John Mesina

Be aware of thyself and your appropriate mate, and be guaranteed of your destiny. This publication includes solutions to 86 questions about wealth, luck, and happiness.

Aries: March 21 - April 20. The Ram.

Energetic, enthusiastic, impulsive, confident, enterprising, lives within the brain.

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And if it’s bright red, all the better! Events and entertainment should also be lively and fast-paced for the eager, impulsive Ram. Plan to open your gifts at midnight rather than wait till morning. Stage a sing-along or go caroling to holiday music. Engaging in competitive games or outdoor activities also has great appeal. In all you do, try to draw out your Aries’ abundant talents; that could be the greater gift of all. 16 Aries secrets to better health Early physicians were also astrologers who planned their treatments by the phases of the moon and movements of the planets.

The capacity to achieve outstanding success lies within you. You have the natural ability to reach any goal you personally want to attain. ” Courage, enthusiasm and confidence come from within. Think you can... believe you can... and you will. 29 Aries “Top Ten” relationship needs Each Astrological Sign has essential needs which must be met to keep a relationship burning brightly. If you can answer “Yes” to 7 of the 10 following questions, Aries, you’ve found a romance that won’t die out but instead could fan love’s embers forever.

6. Your direct Aries speech impresses-clear, vivid, and dramatic. But be diplomatic, too! 7. At meetings, positive body language and your proud Aries posture instill confidence. 8. Your managerial skills will be recognized sooner if you dress the part: wear what VIPs wear. 9. Strengthen your inventive power by taking short breaks for productive, creative day dreaming. 10. To reach your goal, regularly say these power words aloud as you visualize your desire: I can, I will, I believe! 35 How to use your natural talents to grow rich You competitive Aries are willing to put all your energies into getting ahead.

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