86 Life Answers: SAGITTARIUS by John Mesina

By John Mesina

Be aware of thyself and your appropriate mate, and be guaranteed of your destiny. This publication includes solutions to 86 questions about wealth, luck, and happiness.

Sagittarius: November 23 - December 20

The Archer.

Candid. stressed, impatient, curious, impulsive, nature- and sport-lover.

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In talking with others, you Archer’s strive for truth, but at times may be a bit blunt. Here are some tips from communication experts that are especially attuned to your Sign. Your conversational style is direct, but you can benefit by learning how indirectness works—and when using it helps. Begin by observing others, picking up what isn’t being said from their tone of voice, gestures, expressions, tempo or pauses. In relationships, Sag, rapport is best maintained thru subtle messages in which your meaning can be understood without having to be spelled out.

How sincere is your Sagittarius lover? 47. What makes Sagittarius naturally irresistible? 48. Sagittarius’ instant keys to a better memory 49. How Sagittarius can create more time 50. Making maximum use of your Sagittarius traits to get ahead faster 51. Love – where to find it 52. Your perfect valentine, Sagittarius... 53. How to increase your popularity 54. Gifts to buy for Sagittarius 55. Knowing when Sagittarius’ hunch is right 56. How to boost your self-esteem 57. How to get along better with everyone 58.

Now: You’ve become more serious, persistent and committed. And you’ve found your needs changing in relationships. Pluto (planet of strong desires) is in your Sign, indicating you need more profound and intense connections in your love life. You find yourself attracted to people who are more sensitive, deep and insightful, and have a sense of mission. While you’ll always be a freedom-loving Sagittarius, you now are more interested in sharing your life intimately with another. Before, you may have enjoyed an amor who was independent and even flirtatious.

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