86 Life Answers: TAURUS by John Mesina

By John Mesina

Be aware of thyself and your appropriate mate, and be guaranteed of your destiny. This e-book includes solutions to 86 questions about wealth, good fortune, and happiness.

Taurus: April 21 - may perhaps 20

The Bull.

Stubborn, steadfast, systematic, kind-hearted, persevering, usually musical.

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Your alluring appeal, enduring loyalty and classic tastes make you the Rolls Royce of love, Taurus. Because you woo an amor in a cozy setting replete with gourmet fare and other sensual pleasures, he or she invariably falls under your spell. But often, you favor form over substance, caring more about how a lover behaves or whether he or she showers you with material trinkets than the depth of his or her feelings. That may have been true in the past, but with the long stay of Neptune (planet of romantic ideals) in Aquarius, things are changing in a deep part of your being–your tender heart.

How to improve your love life 1 How Taurus can be a great entrepreneur WITH YOUR DETERMINATION, persistence and charm, you Bulls seem a cinch to achieve success as an entrepreneur. You have an innate money sense and often possess artistic, musical or literary talents that win you acclaim. But when you’re ultra conservative, overly patient or take too long to make a decision, you can miss chances to advance. This is especially true when you focus too much on possessions, creature comforts, even cozy old routines.

And, you’ve found your needs changing in relationships. Uranus (planet of sudden change) is in aspect to your Sign, indicating you need more excitement and adventure in your love life. Suddenly, you may even have found your self more attracted to people who are avant garde, foreign or unusual. While you’ll always be steadfast, Taurus, you now are more interested in experimenting, trying less restrictive arrangements in your partnership. Before, you may have secretly enjoyed an amor who displayed jealously or even possessiveness.

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