86 Life Answers: VIRGO by John Mesina

By John Mesina

Comprehend thyself and your appropriate mate, and be guaranteed of your destiny. This publication includes solutions to 86 questions about wealth, luck, and happiness.

Virgo: August 22 - September 22

The Virgin.

Exact, methodical, industrious, discriminating, clever, chaste.

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Dine or dance by candlelight in some secluded rendezvous. Or take in an escapist film or theater production, leaving shoptalk behind. Winning Ways in Marriage: You may have to be the practical one who remembers when the rent is due or handles the “fine print” of life. But your mate will provide the sympathy, large-scale dreams of inspiration you need. Accent your helpfulness, and avoid criticizing any tiny flaws. 7 Virgo keys to success All Virgos are not alike! The decanate (10-day period) you were born in reveals the talents most likely to bring you success.

Restrict yourself to a recent action, not something done long ago. Never support your criticism by inferring that others think the same way. That’s a double whammy. ” The most destructive criticism of all, according to experts, is second-hand remarks, repeating what’s been told to you. This only wounds – with no constructive benefits. 39 Virgo’s irresistible romantic powers You don’t really check personal and credit references before falling in love, Virgo – you don’t have to. Your bright, analytic mind is programmed to size up a potential lover as quickly as any computer.

35 How to use your natural talents to grow rich You able Virgos are willing to put a great deal of hard work into getting ahead. For real success, use the positive aspects of your natural abilities (downplay the negative ones): Choose a career which rewards analytic skill, a studious nature and desire to excel such as editor, legal researcher, efficiency expert or tax advisor. Or launch a business of your own where you can use your keen intellect and discerning nature to sell the public on health products or services.

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