A Handbook of Statistical Analyses using SAS, Third Edition, by Der, Geoff; Everitt, Brian S

By Der, Geoff; Everitt, Brian S

Creation to SAS creation consumer Interface SAS Language analyzing Data-The info Step editing SAS information Proc Step international Statements SAS portraits ODS-The Output supply process bettering Output a few guidance for fighting and Correcting blunders info Description and easy Inference: Mortality and Water Hardness within the uk creation equipment of study research utilizing SAS uncomplicated Inference for Categorical Read more...


bargains descriptions of ways to behavior various statistical analyses. This publication covers themes corresponding to information description and easy inference for express variables, the final linear model, Read more...

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Some town names contain spaces which would make list input complicated. The univariate procedure can be used to examine the distributions of numeric variables. 00000 NOTE: The mode displayed is the smallest of 3 modes with a count of 2. 2008 11:21pm Compositor Name: VBalamugundan A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using SAS Quantiles (Definition 5) Quantile Estimate 100% Max 138 99% 138 95% 122 90% 101 75% Q3 75 50% Median 39 25% Q1 14 10% 8 5% 6 1% 5 0% Min 5 Extreme Observations Lowest Highest Value Obs 5 Value Obs 39 107 38 5 3 122 19 6 41 122 59 6 37 133 35 8 46 138 26 The normal option on the proc statement results in a test for the normality of the variables (see below).

5 Proc Import For tab- and comma-delimited data, particularly where the first line contains the variable names, proc import is a useful alternative to reading in the data with a data step. For example, to read a tab-delimited file with the variable names in the first line, use Proc import datafile ¼ 'filename' out ¼ sasdataset dbms ¼ tab replace; getnames ¼ yes; run; For comma-separated value files, substitute dbms ¼ csv. Proc import does a good job of determining whether variables are numeric or character and their format, but the results need to be checked.

Each output destination has a default style optimized for that destination. Somewhat confusingly, the default style for html is called default, whereas that for rtf is called rtf. rtf' style ¼ theme; The names of other built-in styles can be listed by submitting: proc template; list styles; run; Where the final output is to be in black and white, with greyscale fills or shading, the journal style is a good choice. The rtf output may also appear in a results viewer window, and this may need to be closed before more rtf output is generated.

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