A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens: Best Breeds, Creating a by Melissa Caughey

By Melissa Caughey

Chickens make impressive pets, and Melissa Caughey (author of the award-winning web publication Tilly's Nest) offers all of the info teenagers have to bring up fit chickens and feature a whole lot enjoyable doing it! Caughey stocks her recommendation in an interesting method in order that young children comprehend what it skill to maintain chickens and what sort of housing, foodstuff, gear, and care the chickens might want to thrive. She additionally indicates plenty of inventive actions bound to spark enthusiasm and mind's eye, comparable to conversing poultry, making a veggie piñata for the flock, and creating a fowl citadel within the yard. She even deals ten egg-centric recipes that youngsters will like to make and devour, together with egg drop soup and Mexican egg pizza.

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Some people LARGE INTESTINE BEAK PROVENTRICULUS find that their chickens have a preference. I think that our CECA GIZZARD chickens waste much less food when we use the pel- ESOPHAGUS lets. Some feel that crumbles or mash are easier to use than pellets if you add supplements or medication. Transition your six-week- CLOACA CROP GALLBLADDER old chicks to the grower feed slowly. At first, they may hesitate to eat something new, VENT SPLEEN SMALL INTESTINE LIVER just like some kids! If you are DUODENAL LOOP using pellets, mix a few in PANCREAS with the chick feed.

A window that opens and closes is a good idea. The window offers light to stimulate egg production and provides ventilation on warm summer days. The coop and run should have places for a feeder and a waterer, as well as small hanging dishes for oyster shells and grit. Each chicken should have about two feet of roosting space above the ground. The roosts should be smooth, rounded, and no more than two inches wide. Removable roosts are the easiest to clean. After you clean them, you can place them in a sunny spot to dry.

Chicks make a mess of any type of feeder as they scratch through the shavings and run around the brooder. Putting the feeder on a piece of cardboard can help keep shavings out of the feed. I also recommend placing the waterer on a brick after the first week or so to minimize spillage and pine shavings in the water from rambunctious chicks. ) will fall asleep while you’re holding it. You can let it take a little nap on your lap or very carefully put it back in the brooder. indd 39 12/29/14 3:43 PM CH A P T ER 4 / From Chick to Chicken Time to Move Outside You will need to play tour guide for Once the flock reaches six weeks of age and your chicks.

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