Acquiring New ID: How To Easily Use The Latest Technology To by Ragnar Benson

By Ragnar Benson

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Forget approximately utilizing the outdated "dead-baby's birth-certificate" ruse to get new identification. Everyone's directly to that trick. What you would like is the information to make your personal records on a house machine. And by means of following the straightforward directions in right here, you could.

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Some birth certificates, for example, are copied out of large volumes having a kind of curled, wrap-around, "copied from a big book" effect. You can replicate this on your system. Be sure that the paper on which the document is printed matches the original. Antiquing may not be necessary since this document may be presented as a modern certified copy of an old original. Next, practice using the machine's various type styles and editing ability to lay out several bogus business COMPUTER SYSTEMS 53 cards, complete with the most prestigious or obscure (whichever works best) address in town.

Check on local requirements at the department of motor vehicles. Vehicle insurance will be expensive, but most new IDers carry just the minimum to keep them out of trouble in the event of an inadvertent crash. If the agent seems curious as to why you had no prior insurance, explain that you were overseas in the air force for four years and show him your bogus international driver's license. Some supercautious new IDers recommend selling the vehicle where you are now for cash and riding out of town on a public carrier under an assumed name.

One investigator located a woman by checking hairdressers, for instance. If feasible, you might consider changing your identity to that of a woman or—in the case of woman—to a man (which as a practical matter is usually much easier). If you are overweight, it may be necessary to lose a lot of NEW ID MAKEOVERS 33 weight. Or you might have to put a stone in one shoe and limp or start using artificial tanning lotions in an effort to ruddy up your complexion Do you or your girlfriend require an unusual medication?

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