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Adipogenic differentiation is driven by members of the C/EBP (the CCAAT/ enhancer-binding protein) family, including C/EBP α, β, and δ and PPARγ2. C/EBPβ and C/EBPδ induce the expression of C/EBPα and PPARγ2. C/EBPα and PPARγ2 regulate adipocyte-specific gene expression and play a role in the formation of mature lipid-filled adipose cells from stem cells. Mechanical loading appears to also increase osteogenic TF expression and decrease adipogenic TF expression. For that reason, the relationship between vibration and mechanical loading of exercise was examined in an animal model where young rats were trained 43 44 Advanced Exercise Endocrinology over several weeks to jump from progressively greater elevations.

D) Binding curves with variable receptor availability and a requirement for 50% of total available R occupancy for maximal biological effect. 20e/400215/alw/pulled-R2 in excess of 50% of total available E4517/Borer/Fig R occupancy increase the sensitivity of H–R interaction. (e) As the number of spare R decreases from 100% to 50% of total receptors (N), higher concentrations of H (marked F) are needed to achieve the biological effect underscoring a decline in the affinity of H–R interaction. In a Scatchard plot (c), the affinity or association constant (Ka) is obtained from a regression of the ratio of bound H over free H against bound H.

J. Goodyear, 2008, “Signaling mechanisms in skeletal muscle: Acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise,” IUBMB Life 60: 145-153. 2). , 2008). FREE RADICALS AS INITIATORS OF MESSAGE TRANSDUCTION Strenuous exercise results in oxidative stress to the muscle and other organs through generation of ROS during oxidations in the mitochondria. ROS include such oxygen derivatives as singlet oxygen, hydroxyl radical, and hydrogen peroxide, all of which have a highly reactive unpaired electron in their outer valence shell.

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