Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery by J. D. Pickard, N. Akalan, V. V. Dolenc, J. J. A. Mooij

By J. D. Pickard, N. Akalan, V. V. Dolenc, J. J. A. Mooij

This sequence, backed through the eu organization of Neurosurgical Societies, has already turn into a vintage. ordinarily, one quantity is released according to yr. The Advances part provides fields of neurosurgery and similar parts during which very important fresh growth has been made. The Technical criteria part good points targeted descriptions of ordinary approaches to help younger neurosurgeons of their post-graduate education. The contributions are written via skilled clinicians and are reviewed by means of all contributors of the Editorial Board.

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Summary 1. Cortical spreading depression is a non-physiological global depolarisation of neurones and astrocytes that can be initiated with varying degrees of di‰culty in the normally perfused cerebral cortex in the experimental laboratory. Induction is typically with electrical stimulation, needling of the cerebral cortex, or superfusion of isotonic or more concentrated potassium chloride solution. The phenomenon propagates across the cerebral cortex at a rate of 2–5 mm per minute, and is accompanied by marked but transient increases in cerebral blood flow, in local tissue oxygen tension, and most probably in metabolic rate.

55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 43 blood flow and metabolism before and after global ischemia of rat brain. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 8:486–494 Magistretti PJ, Sorg O, Yu N, Martin JL, Pellerin L (1993) Neurotransmitters regulate energy metabolism in astrocytes: implications for the metabolic tra‰cking between neural cells. Dev Neurosci 15:306–312 Koizumi J (1974) Glycogen in the central nervous system.

The baseline image acquired at time zero was subtracted from each subsequent image and the di¤erence image calculated and displayed in pseudocolour. Green background indicates no change in fluorescence while colours up through the rainbow spectrum to red, pink, white represent increases in fluorescence, and changes into blue, purple or black, decreases respectively. Panel 1: EG ectosylvian gyrus (ischaemic core). SG Suprasylvian gyrus (inner penumbra). MG Marginal gyrus (outer penumbra). Principal middle cerebral input is from lower right of the field, and anterior cerebral from upper right ( panel 6) (see also Fig.

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