Advances in Machine Tool Design and Research: 13th: by S.A. Tobias, F. Koenigsberger

By S.A. Tobias, F. Koenigsberger

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Trans. ASME, 53, p. APM-107. G. C. K. YEH, 1966. Forced vibrations of a two-degree of freedom system with combined coulomb and viscous friction. J. Acoust. Soc. , 39, p. 14. Y. SAWARAGI, T. FUJII andY. OKADA, 1959. Forced vibrations of the system with two-degrees of freedom with coulomb damping. Bull. JSME, 2, p. 311. S. W. E. EARLES and M. G. PHILPOT, 1967. Energy dissipation at plane surfaces in contact. J. Mech. Engng. , 9, p. 86. S. W. E. EARLES and C. F. BEARDS, 1970. Some aspects of frictional damping as applied to vibrating beams.

25 lbf ........ _ I o~,----~2~~~~3~----~4~----~5----~6 frequency ral1o R Figure 4. Variation of frictional force with frequency ratio for different applied forces: system of figure l(b), N = 20 lbf. 0. 8. D frequency Figure 3. Effect on the response curves of damper interface stiffness. (infinite normal force), the response is given by ABCD, where curves AB and CD are the lower parts of the response curve for the damper in a locked state, which has a resonant frequency,/1 . 2The effect therefore that may be expected in the experimental results, as a result of elastic deformation of the interlocking interface asperities, is for the response curves to be displaced, towards lower apparent resonant frequencies, by an amount which increases as the magnitude of the normal force across the damper decreases.

183. M. M. NIGM, M. M. SADEK and S. A. TOBIAS, 1972. 'Prediction of dynamic cutting coefficients from steady-state cuttin~ data', p. 3 in the present volume. APPLICATION OF APERIODIC TEST SIGNALS TO THE MEASUREMENT OF THE DYNAMIC COMPLIANCE OF MACHINE TOOLS by H. OPITZ* and M. WECK* SUMMARY Apart from the well-known test procedures using harmonic and random exciting force signals a further possibility is given by applying normalised aperiodic test signals. The importance of this new test procedure can be seen in the fact that a relatively small expenditure of the test equipment is necessary.

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