Anatomy in Surgery by Philip Thorek M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. (auth.)

By Philip Thorek M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. (auth.)

In this e-book on surgical anatomy, the writer ter of the illustrations are in color-a function has deviated significantly from the standard plan which provides significantly to their price. and has awarded the fabric with a more robust Anatomy is a vital section of surgical procedure surgical point of view. evidently, it's going to attraction and is particularly useful within the education of a sur­ basically to surgeons and especially to these geon. Years in the past it was once possibly overempha­ in education simply because operative technic is in­ sized within the necessities of a health care professional. in the course of cluded with the anatomy. the full physique is contemporary years whilst an information of body structure lined within the anatomic dialogue and the was once came across to be so very important to the health care professional, rules of technic defined for the impor­ anatomy has to a good quantity been ignored. tant operations. this system of presentation The pendulum is threatening to swing too some distance of anatomic facts has an noticeable virtue and provides the younger healthcare professional the concept he in that it correlates the anatomy with the tech­ don't need to spend time on anatomy. The time nical section of surgical procedure; with no query, the need by no means come while anatomy could be unim­ younger health care provider will locate that this integration portant to the general practitioner; the younger health care provider will make it a lot more uncomplicated for him to recollect should always have fun with this. it can be secure the real anatomic details.

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The mastoid foramen is an aperture of variable size which leads from the exterior of the skull into the sigmoid groove on the side wall of the posterior cranial fossa. Through it a mas- toid vein and the mastoid emissary vein and the mastoid branch of the occipital artery pass. The aqueduct of the vestibule (aqueductus vestibuli) is found about V2 inch lateral to the internal auditory meatus. Fractures of the posterior fossa are probably more important than such injuries in the other fossae, since it is here that a small fissure fracture may prove to be fatal.

Nla~t of-dural lTlclSion D C Inctsion of-dura r. O. Fig. 15. Sub temporal decompression: (A) Line of incision and amount of bone to be removed; the incision is placed about three fifths of an inch in front of the tragus and extends upward and slightly backward for about 4 inches; (B) temporal muscle and fascia are incised, exposing temporal bone; (C) part of the temporal bone has been removed, and the dural hook has been placed; (D) dural opening enlarged on a grooved director; (E) and (F) are selfexplanatory.

Some authorities prefer not to include the postcentral gyrus in the parietal lobe. With lesions of this gyrus the patient loses his ability to localize a painful stimulus or to measure its intensity. If this area is irritated, there may be numbness, needle-and-pin sensation or "shocks of electricity" in his extremities. At times such sensory attacks are initiating symptoms of the Jacksonian type of motor convulsions. Optic radiations pass through a portion of the parietal lobe on their way to the visual center; hence, a deeply placed tumor may produce a contralateral homonymous visual field defect (half-blindness of the corresponding sides of both retinae).

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