Apples a Guide to the Identification of International by John Bultitude

By John Bultitude

Apples a advisor to the id of foreign types

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R-. . ,~ 6"~ Top leftCATSH EAD, top right CARSWELL'S ORANGE, centre left C ELLINI, centre right CHARL ES E YR E, . bottom left CHARLES Ross, bottom right CHEDDAR CROSS. COLO U R P LA T ES Top left CH ELMSFORD WONDER, top right CHIV ERS D ELIGHT, centre left CHORISTER Boy, centre right CHRI STMAS P EARMAI N, bottom left CLA YGATE P EARMAIN, bottom right CLEOPATRA. 29 30 COLOUR P L AT ES Top left CLOS E, top right CO CKLE PIPPIN , centre left CORNISH GILLIFLOWER , centre right CORTLAND, bottom left CORNISH AROMATIC.

1t~ ~. ~.. -"lW - ·. ' . '. •.. ' J, ,. '~":J>' ~ ' . ' ,.. ' •.. • r. •. / .. ". ' . . '. ;:,,~ 'Y~ r 'S P'~ " ~. , .. Top left M cINTOSH , top right M ELROSE, centre left M ERE DE M ENA GE, centre right M ERTON C HARM, bottom left M ERTON B EA UTY. COLOU R P LAT ES Top left M ERTON JOY, top right MERTON centre left M ERTON WORCESTER, centre right MICHAELMAS RED, bottom right KNA VE, MI LLER'S SEEDLING. 53 54 COLOUR P LA T ES Top left MONARCH, top right MOTHER, centre left NEwrON WONDER, centre right N EwrOWN PIPPIN, bottom left MILLI CENT BARNES.

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