Base SAS 9.2 Procedures Guide by SAS Publishing

By SAS Publishing

Comprises the whole reference for all Base SAS methods. offers information regarding what every one method does and, if proper, the type of output that it produces. This identify is usually to be had unfastened on-line from SAS Publishing.

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PROC SORT stores the resulting sorted observations in a new SAS data set or replaces the original data set. SOURCE procedure provides an easy way to back up and process source library data sets. See the SAS documentation for your operating environment for more information. SQL procedure implements a subset of the Structured Query Language (SQL) for use in SAS. SQL is a standardized, widely used language that retrieves and updates data in SAS data sets, SQL views, and DBMS tables, as well as views based on those tables.

Formats and Error Checking If SAS cannot find a format, then it stops processing and prints an error message in the SAS log. You can suppress this behavior with the SAS system option NOFMTERR. If you use NOFMTERR, and SAS cannot find the format, then SAS uses a default format and continues processing. Typically, for the default, SAS uses the BESTw. format for numeric variables and the $w. format for character variables. Note: To ensure that SAS can find user-written formats, use the SAS system option FMTSEARCH=.

BY-variable is the name of the BY variable whose value you want to insert in the title. BYVARn | BYVAR(BY-variable) places the label or the name (if no label exists) of the specified BY variable in the title. You designate the BY variable with one of the following options: n is the nth BY variable in the BY statement. BY-variable is the name of the BY variable whose name you want to insert in the title. BYLINE inserts the complete default BY line into the title. suffix supplies text to place immediately after the BY-group information that you insert in the title.

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