Biomechanics: Concepts and Computation by Cees Oomens, Marcel Brekelmans, Frank Baaijens

By Cees Oomens, Marcel Brekelmans, Frank Baaijens

This can be the 1st textbook that integrates either normal and particular themes, theoretical historical past and biomedical engineering purposes, in addition to analytical and numerical methods. This quantitative method integrates the classical techniques of mechanics and computational modelling options, in a logical development via quite a lot of basic biomechanics ideas. on-line MATLAB-based software program besides examples and difficulties utilizing biomedical purposes will encourage undergraduate biomedical engineering scholars to perform and try their abilities. The publication covers subject matters comparable to kinematics, equilibrium, stresses and traces, and likewise makes a speciality of huge deformations and rotations and non-linear constitutive equations, together with visco-elastic behaviour and the behaviour of lengthy narrow fibre-like constructions. this can be the definitive textbook for college kids.

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16 A point in space identified by its position vector x. 17 The moment of a force acting at point Q with respect to point P. e. dx ex is perpendicular to Fy ey and dy ey is perpendicular to Fx ex . • The directions of the composing moments M 1 = dx Fy ez and M 2 = −dy Fx ez follow from the corkscrew rule. g. dx ex and Fy ey ) at the same location in space, see Fig. 18. e. in positive ez -direction. e. in negative ez -direction. In the definition of the moment vector the location of the force vector along the line-of-action is not relevant since only the magnitude of the force, the direction and the distance of the point P to the line-of-action are of interest.

45) this vector can also be expressed with respect to the {ex∗ , ey∗ } basis: F = Fx cos( α) ex∗ − sin( α) ey∗ + Fy sin( α) ex∗ + cos( α) ey∗ = Fx cos( α) + Fy sin( α) ex∗ + −Fx sin( α) + Fy cos( α) ey∗ . 46) Therefore, in terms of Fx and Fy : ∗ = F ∼ Fx cos( α) + Fy sin( α) −Fx sin( α) + Fy cos( α) . 47) The magnitude |F| of the force vector is obtained from |F| = F·F. 49) or, equivalently |F| = TF . 11 The force vector F resulting from the two force vectors P and Q. Suppose that two thin wires are connected to a point.

20(a) can be replaced by Fig. 20(b). In this case the lineof-action of force F is drawn through point P and the resulting moment is given by a curved arrow in counterclockwise direction. 20(b) is statically, completely equivalent. 20(d) for a clockwise direction of the moment. 20 Drawing convention of the moment vector for different force vector orientations. Figures (a) and (b) indicate a statically equivalent load for a counterclockwise orientation of the moment vector. Figures (c) and (d) are equivalent for a clockwise orientation of the moment vector.

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