Bogus Science: Or, Some People Really Believe These Things by John Grant

By John Grant

Some say it’s technology; John provide says it’s bogus. lovers of the not easy evidence will welcome this attractive follow-up to Discarded Science and Corrupted Science. provide takes a troublesome and energetic examine pseudoscience, speculating on no matter if it’s simply exciting folly or (as many scientists believe), a chance to civilization. He touches on New Age twaddle, from Deepak Chopra to The Secret; the so-called energy of crystals; crypto-creatures; the “UFO phenomenon” in all its glory; and people who interpret the Bible as actual technology, historical past, and prophecy. this can generate adequate controversy to assure lots of debate…and reviews!


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Reality does not bend to our whims. In succeeding decades the Pentagon was going to demonstrate with a vengeance, over and over again, the inordinate waste of resources, taxpayer monies and human energies that invariably follow when lay people with axes to grind permit their preconceptions to overrule the findings of science and support the claims of bogus science. Just think of the hafnium bomb. † It’s at about this moment that you might want to grab your comfort-blanket copy of How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience in Thirty Days (1989) by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub – published not by some obscure New Age outfit in a California burg you’ve never heard of but by St Martin’s Press in New York.

Later Lady Blount and William Thomas Wiseman adapted the novel for the stage as the operetta Astrea, or The Witness of the Stars. This was not the first collaboration between the two. Lady Blount had the habit of filling the pages of Earth – Not a Globe – Review with her verses, and Wiseman had matched one of these epics, “The Nebular Hypothesis”, to his own “Earth Not a Globe Waltz”. ) As one might guess from the poem’s title, it forms an attack upon the then-accepted hypothesis for the solar system’s origin, its condensation out of a cloud of gas and dust.

Ritchie personally promoted his own battery additive, AD–X2 Here’s an object lesson for us all concerning the day-to-day practical costs of laziness in resisting bogus science and of scientific illiteracy. In the aftermath of WWII the US suffered a shortage of lead, and this affected (among much else) the manufacture of car batteries. The search was on for additives that might extend battery life, and sure enough a number of these appeared on the market: Bat-Re-Nu and Duble Power were two. The National Bureau of Standards (NBS) tested all of these and declared them at best worthless; the test results were circulated by the National Better Business Bureau and others, and the products fell into disuse.

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