Cecropiaceae: Coussapoa and Pourouma, with an Introduction by C.C. Berg, R. W. A. P. Akkermans, E. C. H. van Heusden

By C.C. Berg, R. W. A. P. Akkermans, E. C. H. van Heusden

This identify is monograph fifty one within the plants Neotropica sequence. This monograph provides revisions of 2 of the neotropical genera of the Cecropiaceae: forty six species (15 new) of Coussapoa and 25 species (4 new) of Pourouma.

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Friedl. RHYNCHOSPORA-Beak-Rush Maps 792-794 References: Gale, S. 1944. Rhynchospora, section Eurhynchospora in Canada, the United States and the West Indies. Rhodora 46: 89-134; 159-197; 207-249; 255-278. Kiikenthal, G. 1949-1951. Vorarbeiten zu einer Monographic der Rhynchosporideae. 18. Rhynchospora Vahl. Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 74: 375-509; 75: 90-126; 127-195; 273-314. ) Vahl capillacea Torr. R. capillacea forma leviseta (Hill) Fern. ) Ait. f. SCIRPUS-Bulrush Maps 795-815 References: Beetle, A.

H. , misapplied, var. ) Lepage var. scabriusculum var. ) Lepage scabrum Michx. var. scabrum var. tonsum Fern. & St. John vulgatum Fries Introduced at Duluth. —Elecampane Escaped cultivation, but not persisting. ) Blake subsp. biflora subsp. ) Iltis Map 462 KUHNIA-False Boneset Reference: Shinners, L. H. 1946. Revision of the genus Kuhnia L. Wrightia 1: 122-144. Kuhnia eupatorioides L. var. corymbulosa T. & G. ) Shinners var. corymbulosa (T. ) Shinners LACTUCA-Lettuce Maps 463-467 Lactuca biennis (Moench) Fern.

C. capillaris subsp. ) Love, Love & Raymond castanea Wahlenb. cephalantha (L. Bailey) Bickn. C. , in part, of Reznicek & Ball (1980) cephaloidea (Dewey) Dewey C. sparganioides Muhl. var. cephaloidea (Dewey) Carey cephalophora Willd. chordorrhiza L. f. communis L. Bailey comosa Boott conjuncta Boott conoidea Schkuhr ex. Willd. convoluta Mack. According to Webber and Ball (1984), the correct name for this taxon is C. rosea Schkuhr ex. Willd. crawei Dewey crawfordii Fern. crinita Lam. cristatella Britt.

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