Chemical Process Safety. Learning from Case Histories by Roy E. Sanders

By Roy E. Sanders

During this easy-to-understand e-book, the writer, drawing on his a long time of useful adventure, addresses the issues skilled with administration of swap in chemical vegetation. He cites examples of the results of the inadequate evaluate of adjustments applied to unravel one challenge, which then create another.
Unwise chemical plant changes are one of many significant explanations of chemical plant injuries and all proposed stable rules concerning switch require cautious evaluate and research earlier than implementation. Illustrated with many case histories this e-book highlights the incidents of unforseen, bad results of unwise swap inside of chemical and petrochemical crops and petroleum refineries.
Illustrated with many case histories, this ebook highlights the incidents of unexpected, bad effects of unwise swap inside chemical and petrochemical and petroleum refineries.
Provides a sequence of brief, descriptive accidents
Supplemented with sketches and brilliant photos
Offers sensible sections on mechanical integrity, administration of switch, and incident research courses

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The nitrogen gas never entered because there was a closed valve atop the tank. It seems the truck driver misunderstood the recent nitrogen supply piping modification; the open and closed positions on this oval handle ball valve. Investigators observed a device that appeared to be a combination safety relief valve and a vacuum breaker. The information on this chrome-topped instrument read, “Press 26,700 FIGURE 2–3 Tractor and tank truck ready to unload. Courtesy of Manuel David. 26 Chemical Process Safety FIGURE 2–4 Side view of collapsed tank truck.

Heat transfer fluid was regularly recovered and the modification was deemed a success. However, on a rather cool December day, it became necessary to perform maintenance on the hopper. Cooling water from the barometric condensers of all the reactors was routed to the sump rather than to the hopper. Shortly after the valve to the sump was opened and the valve to the hopper was closed, the No. 4 reactor began experiencing erratic pressure problems. The system pressure troubles continued for about 15 minutes.

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