CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & Physiology by Steven Bassett

By Steven Bassett

The CliffsStudySolver workbooks mix 20 percentage evaluate fabric with eighty percentage perform difficulties (and the answers!) to aid make your classes stick.

CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & body structure is for college kids who are looking to toughen their wisdom with a learn-by-doing method. within, you’ll get the perform you must bone up on physique platforms and extra with problem-solving instruments such as

  • Straightforward, concise reports of each topic
  • Terms and ideas for every subject
  • Helpful charts and illustrations
  • Practice difficulties in each bankruptcy — with reasons and solutions
  • A diagnostic pretest to evaluate your present skills
  • A full-length examination that adapts on your ability level

Starting off with an creation to anatomical phrases and physiological options, this workbook ventures into mobile constitution, mobilephone copy, and chemistry, either natural and inorganic. you are going to discover the muscular, significant fearful, lymphatic, and endocrine platforms, plus info about

  • Skin, hair, nails, and glands
  • Bones of the skull, sternum, and vertebral column
  • The 5 senses
  • Blood composition and types
  • Metabolism of fats, protein, and carbohydrates
  • The female and male reproductive systems

Practice makes ideal —and even if you take classes or educating your self, CliffsStudySolver publications might actually help make the grade.

Author Steven Bassett all started instructing anatomy and body structure on the highschool point in 1978. He has been the lead teacher for anatomy and body structure at Southeast neighborhood university in Lincoln, Nebraska due to the fact that 1990. he's at present adjunct professor within the Physician's guidance software at Union university in Lincoln.

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The bulgy part of your elbow is located on the ______________________ side of the arm. 2. Your fingernails are located on the ______________________ side of the finger. Chapter 1: Introductory Anatomical Terminology and Physiological Concepts 41 3. Your kneecap is located on the ______________________ side of the body. 4. Your naval is located on the ______________________ side of the body. 5. Your gluteal region is located on the ______________________ side of the body. 6. Your heel bone is located on the ______________________ side of the foot.

1. Point 1 is __________________________________________ to point 2. answer: superior 2. Point 3 is __________________________________________ to point 4. answer: lateral 3. Point 5 is __________________________________________ to point 6. answer: lateral 4. Point 7 is __________________________________________ to point 8. answer: anterior 5. Point 9 is __________________________________________ to point 10. answer: medial 40 CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & Physiology 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 7 8 Figure 1-1: Directional terminology.

B. C. D. Ductus deferens Rete testis Epididymis Seminiferous tubules 170. The first gland the sperm cells swim past is the ____. A. prostate B. seminal vesicle C. bulbourethral 28 CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & Physiology 171. A hormone from the pituitary gland initiates the production of sperm cells. What is the name of this hormone? A. B. C. D. Luteinizing hormone Follicle stimulating hormone Gonadotropin hormone Gametogenesis hormone 172. Successful fertilization of the egg occurs ____. A. B. C.

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