Computers For Smart People by Robert S. Swiatek

By Robert S. Swiatek

A basic publication on computing, with emphasis on what programming involves.

Table of contents
1. parts of language
2. Our programming language
3. dossier makeup
4. A record program
5. dossier access
6. application abends
7. the net account display
9. extra Modifications
10. Assigning values
11. Updating fields
12. Programming standards
13. The zip code file
14. Programming creativity
15. including files and calling a program
16. The known as application and using
17. Fuzzy math
18. Deleting accounts
19. universal statements
20. Arrays
21. Down within the dumps
22. Base systems
23. Sorting bubbles
24. A application in action

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Example text

Note that if there happened to be something on the screen in positions 1 through 29, it will not be removed. To clear this trash, you can use the line screen(1,1) “ ” (1,30) “Account Number Inquiry” or screen(1,1) “ Account Number Inquiry” and the result in either case will be only those three words on the first line. This centers the heading in the line. The first number after the left parenthesis indicates the row where the field will start while the second number represents the column. It should be noted that only the first line will be effected by our screen command.

Returning to our discussion from my digression, I/O problems may be reduced by consistent hardware maintenance but bad data will require considerably more effort. You should never have a program that abends because of bad data caused by a field generated by the system. Any program that accepts input to be used as fields in a file should guarantee that this field will never result in an abend due to bad data. If the field is numeric, the program should never accept any other type of data into this field nor should it ever write out this field to the file if it is not numeric.

If the amount is positive, no sign will print. The negative sign is printed on the right because we have the dollar sign on the left. A new field is defined by a new keyword in the line define error-msg character(60) value “ ” which says the field is sixty spaces, even though you only see one. This is the same as define error-msg character(60) value “ ”. At the end of the program, that error message is printed. If everything went smoothly, we just print nothing on line 24. Otherwise, an error message is moved to the message and it will be displayed at program’s end.

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