Consciousness in Four Dimensions: Biological Relativity and by Richard M. Pico

By Richard M. Pico

A daring and fantastic new concept of the origins and nature of the human brain. In a ebook that may profoundly regulate the trendy discourse on brain and impact the perform of neuromedicine, neuroscientist/psychiatrist Richard M. Pico unveils a progressive new method of knowing awareness that pinpoints the origins of awareness within the human mind. Pico seamlessly weds the legislation of physics­­ particularly Einstein's legislation of relativity ­­to the newest breakthroughs in neuroscience, molecular biology, and computational idea to create a coherent, 4-dimensional version of the origins of existence and the emergence of complicated organic platforms, from the 1st protocell, to the pondering mind.

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Maxwell surmised that the only way to gather all the fast, energetic particles into one chamber and leave the slower ones in the other would be to place a special door between the two chambers and have an all-knowing being control the action. When a fast particle was nearing the door, the omnipotent being (later known as Maxwell's demon] would open the door and allow the particle to enter. On the other side of the door, when a slower particle happened to move in the appropriate direction, the demon would EVOLUTION AND THE EMERGENCE OF LIFE 31 again open the door to allow the slower particle to move into the other chamber.

Einstein and his contemporaries were acutely aware of these human limitations and their role in the efforts to understand the new small universe of quantum probabilities, waves, and atomic particles and the new big universe of neutron stars, galaxies, nebulas, and novas. They all knew very well that at the interface of our senses with the infinitesimal world of the electromagnetic field or the grand-scale cosmic structures and distances, we make errors and create illusions of relationships, of cause and effect: EINSTEIN'S VISION OF THE UNIVERSE I : RELATIVITY AND REFERENCE SYSTEMS 21 For man is enchained by the very condition of his being, his finiteness and involvement in nature.

She cannot measure, feel, or understand the changes that the outside observer sees from his frame of reference. From her relative point of viewH the clock EINSTEIN'S VISION OF THE UNIVERSE I : RELATIVITY AND REFERENCE SYSTEMS 19 is running as it always hasH and the measuring stick shows the same distance between any two points. Inside the elevator—her unique, independent region of space-time—all dimensions retain an internal consistency relative to one another, regardless of the system's momentary velocity.

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