Conserving Europe's Threatened Plants by Suzanne Sharrock, Meirion Jones

By Suzanne Sharrock, Meirion Jones

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DC. Hedysarum cyprium Helianthemum apenninum ssp. estevei Helianthemum guerrae Helianthemum morisianum Helianthemum oelandicum ssp. levigatum Helianthemum oleandicum ssp. nebrodense Helianthemum polygonoides Helianthemum scopulicolum Helichrysum amorginum Helichrysum heldreichii Helichrysum hyblaeum Helichrysum melitense Helichrysum montelinasanum Helichrysum nebrodense Helichrysum pendulum Helichrysum rupestre Helichrysum sibthorpii Helichrysum taenari Helictotrichon filifolium ssp. ) Dum. Cours.

Dobrescu & Beldie (Buser) Rothm. Rothm. & O. Schwarz Plocek Rothm. Rothm. ) Juz. Boiss, & Heldr. H. Davis Phitos & Tzanoud. M. Tison, Deschâtres & H. Couderc Zahar. (Meikle) Brullo, Pavone, Salmeri & Venora L. Boiss. & Heldr. Font Quer Boiss. Boiss. & Reuter MacBride Lojac. Brullo, Lanfranco & Pavone Pamp. Bartolo, Brullo & Pavone Bartolo, Brullo et Pavone Halácsy Zahar. -Gatto) Ciferri & Giacom. Vill. Guss. DC. ) Halácsy Brullo, Pavone et Spampinato Sibth. & Smith Costa & Vayr. Brullo, Pavone & Salmeri Iatroú & Tzanoud.

Moris Snogerup Boiss. & Reut. Boiss. & Heldr. Guss. Guss. Snogerup Snogerup Greuter (Druce) Druce Bacchetta & Brullo Guss. Vahl A. Kern. Schotsman Boiss. & Spruner (Buser) Engler (Boiss. ) Engler V. Randjelovic & Zlatkovic Contandr. & al. Phitos Smith Cirillo Ten. Rech. fil. Aucher Moretti L. Brullo Phitos Rchb. Perp. Lucchese Halácsy Sm. De Not. Boiss. & Heldr. Vill. Br. Pau Chaix Viv. Simonk. Rouy Salzm. ex DC. Devesa & Talavera Boiss. & Reut. Gradst. & J. Kern Steud. Scop. Schkuhr 10 Carex idaea Carex markgrafii Carex panormitana Carlina diae Carlina macrocephala ssp.

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