Constantine Porphyrogenitus and His World by Arnold Joseph Toynbee

By Arnold Joseph Toynbee

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When we take an aerial view of our author’s philosophical positions, we may be surprised to find that they fit comfortably together. 3). 4). 3). It is revealing that modern defenses of scientific realism tend to cluster around these same ideas. If natural kinds have real essences, so the reasoning goes, and if natural kind terms rigidly designate natural kinds, then we may hold out the hope of fitting our language to the world so as to make induction possible (Boyd 1999; Putnam 1972). And induction is crucial to any attempt to make inferences about (and therefore acquire knowledge of) the unobservable.

2–4 = L. 17 = L. 120), but their ambitions, or at least their approaches, are as much philosophical as medical. Both contain echoes in content and style of Heraclitus (Vict. 1–2 = L. 478; Alim. 14 = L. 116) as well as the post-Parmenidean pluralists Anaxagoras (Vict. 27–28 = L. 474; Alim. 2–3 = L. 106) and Empedocles (Vict. 25–26 = L. 474; Alim. 16–17 = L. 100). It is the last of these who ties Alim. perhaps most closely to de Arte. , Inwood 26 9–10 = DK 31 B21, Inwood 27 5–6 = DK 31 B23), the author of Alim.

1358b11–12). This is certainly applicable to de Arte insofar as our author is responding to those who have given epideixeis denigrating medicine. His response is to praise medicine, repair the damage done by these detractors and return medicine to its rightful place in the pantheon of technai. ). In de Arte, this is accomplished chiefly through the continuous military imagery. The physician is a hero of war, fighting valiantly to vanquish the diseases that prey upon helpless patients (see especially cc.

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