Creating Web Pages with HTML (Cliffs Notes) by David A. Crowder, Rhonda Crowder

By David A. Crowder, Rhonda Crowder

This article is designed to alter tentative workstation clients into convinced content material creators for the area huge net by utilizing Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML). clients find out how to create sites with HTML, but in addition how you can get below the bonnet of present websites and dabble within the code.

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Or Chapter 2: Adding and Manipulating Text 29 suppose, for example, that you need to display actual HTML code on your Web page because you want to put together a tutorial on HTML. If you type the HTML code in the normal way, visitors’ browsers interpret the tags rather than display them. So you have a real problem. Fortunately, you can bypass the normal character entry methods and use codes for special characters. These codes are called character entity references. html. Practically every letter or symbol you could want is included in the listings, from all the sigmas and kappas for fraternity and sorority folks to things such as yens and pounds for those who indulge in international finance.

3. Display the Web page in your browser. Figure 3-4 shows the results. Chapter 3: Formatting Web Pages Figure 3-4: 39 Using the HR element. Notice that the quotation isn’t centered vertically between the two horizontal rules. That’s because the second line of the quotation (“Sioux Indian saying”) uses the
tag rather than the

—Sioux Indian saying

Figure 3-5 shows the result. 40 CliffsNotes Creating Web Pages with HTML Figure 3-5: Use

to add an extra blank space on a Web page.

The main areas of the site are described below. 2. Save the file. 3. Display the Web page in your browser. Figure 2-4 shows the result. Figure 2-4: Bold and italic text styles. Don’t bother using the B element on the text in a heading element because all heading elements are already bold. Using code such as


does nothing. Chapter 2: Adding and Manipulating Text 25 Changing Font Sizes and Faces Earlier in this chapter, you discover how to use the FONT element to set the color of the text it encloses.

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