Daily Life in the Hellenistic Age: From Alexander to by James Allan Evans

By James Allan Evans

The Hellenistic global, ushered into existance via Alexander the good, took in an enormous area, stretching from Iraq within the east to Sicily within the west. inside this sector, society was once multicultural however the dominant tradition was once Greek, constructed from the tradition of classical Greece, and wearing at the legacy of classical Greece within the visible arts, literature, technological know-how, know-how, and day-by-day life.

Narrative chapters advisor the reader although the titanic conquered lands of Hellenistic Greece, exploring marriage customs; fairs, activities, and spectacles; symposia (drinking parties); the rural and concrete parts of the polis (city-state); meals; drink; schooling; technological know-how; know-how; and the legacy of the Hellenistic age within the smooth world.

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53 Marcus Crassus is defeated and killed by the Parthians at Carrhae in northern Mesopotamia and the Parthians capture the standards of the vanquished Roman legions. Thus one of Caesar’s political allies is eliminated. 52 Cleopatra VII and her brother Ptolemy XIII are associated with Ptolemy Auletes as rulers of Egypt. Auletes dies the next year and they rule independently. 49 Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon River dividing Italy from the province of Cisalpine Gaul (the Po River valley) and the civil war begins that will destroy the Roman Republic.

145 By 145 or shortly thereafter, the Seleucid empire has lost both eastern and western Iran to the Parthian king, Mithridates I, Chronology xxxix who takes the title “King of Kings,” which once belonged to the Achaemenid kings of Persia. 133 The last king of Pergamon, Attalus III, dies and leaves his kingdom to Rome. It is reorganized as the province of Asia. 129 The Seleucid king, Antiochus VII Sidetes, is defeated and killed by the Parthian king, Phraates II, son of Mithridates I. The Seleucid empire is now confined to north Syria and eastern Cilicia.

The so-called Maccabaean Revolt breaks out, led Judas Maccabaeus, whose father, before his death, had struck the first blow. 164 In Jerusalem, Judas Maccabaeus captures the Temple and purifies it, restoring the worship of Yahweh. A thanksgiving festival is held in December, which continues to be commemorated by the festival of Hanukkah. 163 Antiochus IV dies while leading an expedition against the Parthians. 148 Rome suppresses a revolt in Macedon led by a man named Andriscus who claimed to be the son of Perseus, the last king.

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