Data Analysis Using SPSS for Windows Versions 8 - 10: A by Jeremy J Foster

By Jeremy J Foster

A new version of this best-selling introductory e-book to hide the newest SPSS models 8.0 - 10.0

This e-book is designed to coach newbies easy methods to use SPSS for home windows, the main widespread laptop package deal for analysing quantitative info. Written in a transparent, readable and non-technical kind the writer explains the fundamentals of SPSS together with the enter of information, facts manipulation, descriptive analyses and inferential strategies, together with;

- growing utilizing and merging facts files

- growing and printing graphs and charts

- parametric exams together with t-tests, ANOVA, GLM

- correlation, regression and issue analysis

- non parametric checks and chi square

  • reliability

- acquiring neat print outs and tables

- contains a CD-Rom containing instance info documents, syntax records, output records and Excel spreadsheets.

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Extra info for Data Analysis Using SPSS for Windows Versions 8 - 10: A Beginner's Guide

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When a respondent has failed to provide a measure on one of the variables, record a no-response by entering a particular number to represent ‘missing value’. The package provides a range of Help facilities. 1 What is SPSS? SPSS is a suite of computer programs, which has been developed over many years. The original SPSS and SPSSx were only available on mainframe computers. The Windows PC version is now one of the most widely-used programs of its type in the world. There are various versions, the current one being number 10; the underlying program remains the same but the menu organization does tend to alter from one version to another, and each version has some additional facilities.

1 Know what you want to find out SPSS provides the opportunity to carry out a wide range of statistical procedures very rapidly and with little effort. The danger is that because it offers such power, the researcher is tempted to comb the data: ‘Let’s do a factor analysis/multiple regression/100 t-tests . . and see what happens’. It must be emphasized that there are real dangers in this approach. First, there is the statistical problem of interpreting significance levels when one has done a series of significance tests after the data has been given a preliminary examination.

Another worthwhile tip is to be sure to keep all the files referring to one set of data in one directory, separate from the files referring to another set of data. spo file Diagram of the structure of SPSS for Windows files One note of warning: do ensure that you keep the correct filename extensions for the type of file you are saving. spo. If you fail to do this you will have a chaotic situation, have great difficulties finding the files you want and may well lose vital files altogether. 3 Essential terminology for all SPSS users You need to appreciate some of the terminology that is used when explaining how the package operates.

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