DHTML and CSS Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide by Jason Cranford Teague

By Jason Cranford Teague

I used to be enormously disenchanted with this booklet. i've got got many different visible quickpro books that have been great.

This booklet isn't really complex. The examples during this e-book don't separate content material, presentation and function.

Javascript might be separated from the content material of the web page, no longer mashed into the (X)HTML as used to be quite often performed in early sites. The javascript hooks within the code examples are normally hard-coded into onclick=".." attributes. whereas that can paintings high quality at the start, simply test updating pages choked with onclick attributes and you will be searching for a greater way.

CSS can be used to split the presentation from the content material of the web page up to attainable. it appears the writer has 'divitis': there are such a lot of nested divs in many of the examples it is not easy to stick with the markup.

The publication offers lip carrier to accessibility, yet doesn't stick to the concept that via: a number of the examples won't degrade gracefully in non-javascript enabled browsers. Dynamic html pages _can_ play good with all browsers: this is often complex javascript. in the event you persist with the examples during this ebook, even though, you will be discriminating opposed to a wide a part of your audience.

You gets higher details in:
For css:
CSS Mastery: complex net criteria Solutions
Web criteria recommendations: The Markup and magnificence instruction manual (Pioneering Series)
For javascript:
ppk on JavaScript, 1/e (VOICES)

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W r h r 1 Inrmdxrna, onsupola-rrsnmg Vmlumed r h Ygr. da, Jarasma, xsooma&f6~1t ad "i& P$C. N a , m f y dJaq & q n d"* HBR CDK~MLK~ML %pau iha mat xne m$bt haia h g ~ m* ~a l d e J ~ d d d p \F n r U l - n r s l w . m * " r y u H n . m~~~,it~twa~gr~p~~~(olndndndnd p- -bathato imyimyg sasfel - aolmrrtnr ulmat. 22 Check your content for spelling and grammar mistakes. 23). How you create the content depends on your own preferences and the tools at your disposal. Many developers still prefer using a straight text editor, while more visually inclined Web designers prefer WYSIWYG applications like Adobe GoLive or Macromedia Dreamweaver.

4. Another optional addition is default CSS for Netscape 4 (see the sidebar "Degrading CSS Gracefully in Netscape 4"). 5. 3). You could also use @importhere, but Netscape 4 would then not use any of the styles. 2 To build your master style sheet, add the @importtag for each external style sheet you are including, and then include additional style definitions as needed. 3 Add the < l i n k > tag to your HTML t o bring the master style sheet home. 2 CSS Shorthand SHORTHAND border border-top border-right border-bottom border-left font list-style background margin padding EQUIVALENTS border-width border-style border-color border-top-width border-top-style border-top-color border-right-width border-right-style border-right-color border-bottom-width border-bottom-style border-bottom-color border-left-width border-left-style border-left-color font-style font-variant font-weight font-size line-height font-family list-style-type list-style-position list-style-image background-color backgroundimage background-repeat background-attachment background-position margin-top margin-bottom margin-left margin-right paddingtop padding-bottom padding-left padding-right 7 Understanding CSS Shorthand Options are an inherent part of CSS.

This allows you to make sure that you won't run into any conflicts. 2. html" and upload the entire site into its live position. 25). htm1will link to the Site Being Updated page. 3. " Your site is now live. Congratulations! com/dhtml. " This is a good way to think about using CSS in Web site designs. Although it may take you more than a minute to learn, the basics of CSS are remarkably easy to learn. Understanding CSS is simply a matter of knowing the style definitions and applylng them to HTML tags.

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