Dragonflame: Tap Into Your Reservoir of Power Using by Lawren Leo

By Lawren Leo

"Dragonflame can help you discover the treasure that lies buried deep inside you. writer Lawren Leo writes with compassion, wisdom, and perception. Dragonflame offers esoteric recommendations in trouble-free, lucid, understandable language. hugely recommended!"
--Judika Illes, writer of The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

"Leo's well-orchestrated meditations are grounded in an eclectic mixture of spirituality, philosophy, alchemy, and magic."
--Margaret Ann Lembo, writer of Chakra Awakening and the basic advisor to Crystals, Minerals and Stones

Dragonflame is a brand new and robust philosophical process that units forth a magickal equation for reaching religious transformation and manifesting one's desires.

From insightful meditations and visualizations to magickal routines and rituals, this e-book bargains non secular counsel, with beginners' directions and complex practices that might aid either rookies and adepts in attaining transformation in an comprehensible and reader-friendly format.

Dragonflame will educate you the way to:
• Create talismans to faucet into and regulate own power.
• locate and happen your dreams.
• observe new paths for magickal and non secular development.
• Make your magick paintings in a karmically right fashion.
• locate and start growing the metaphorical Philosopher's Stone.

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Instead, we recreate the same scenarios, blame others, believe we're victims, believe life must be hard all the time, or believe life is unfair. When we've paid back much of our karma and are consciously living a more dharmic life, things will begin to flow in a much different way; everything becomes clearer and hopefully more peaceful. Or, simply, bad stuff isn't happening to us all the time. The more dharmic our lives become, the greater is our capacity to give back to the world, and this gives us a greater passion and purpose for living.

The cottage had been winterized, and it was my brother's permanent home at the time. After I had dealt with the shock and guilt of what had happened, I had a deep feeling that this was a huge karmic debt I needed to repay. I'm sure in many previous lives I lived in, it was considered acceptable to burn down houses or burn witches at the stake, and I had played a part in these burnings. I knew this was my soul's way of coming to terms with hundreds, possibly thousands of years of karmic fires. —45 — A second huge problem with karma is that while we're trying to clean up debts from past lives, we often keep incurring more and more present-life karma.

Only our spirits can bring us to that place of sorrow or humility where we begin taking responsibility for every thought, word, or action. To correct karma, it's not good enough to understand that at a mental level it was wrong. We all know it's wrong to gossip or tell a lie, but we keep doing it. Most bank robbers know it's wrong to rob a bank, but after they get out of jail they often rob another bank. We know what a horrible karmic situation war is, but there is rarely a time on earth when several wars are not going on.

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