Drink Spiking and Predatory Drugging: A Modern History by Pamela Donovan

By Pamela Donovan

This booklet analyses universal perceptions approximately drink-spiking, a pervasive worry for plenty of and infrequently a troubling reality. Ideas approximately spiked beverages have formed the way in which we expect approximately medications, alcohol, legal legislation, hazard, nightspots, and socializing for over 100 and fifty years, because the upward push of modern anaesthesia and artificial 'pharma-ubiquity'. The publication deals a wide-ranging examine the consistently transferring cultural and gender politics of 'psycho-chemical treachery'.
It offers wealthy case histories, assesses evolving medical wisdom, and analyses the impression of social forces as disparate as Temperance and the acid fanatics of the Sixties. Drawing on interdisciplinary learn, the publication could be of significant curiosity to upper-level scholars and students of criminal legislation, forensic technology, public overall healthiness, and social movements.

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45 Northup was born and raised in the Northern USA and lived as a “free black” at the time of slavery in the South. His father had been emancipated by the man who “owned” him and relocated to New York State. Northup was lured to Washington, DC in the promise of work as a musician and was waylaid and sold into slavery in Louisiana; his captors probably used a narcotic in his drink. Again, acute, sporadic labor shortages may have created a niche for traders who specialized in capturing free black men into slavery.

They included other plants with intoxicant properties, common chemicals, narcotics, and known poisons. The practice was widespread. The purpose of such adulteration was typically to either mask inferior products or process, or enhance the intoxicating quality of the beverage with a smaller true-product amount. Lead oxide, or litharge, was used by unscrupulous vintners to resweeten turned or vinegarized wine. 14 On the one hand, ordinary drinkers mainly ingested whatever came their way without complaint, much as they did adulterated foods, teas, and coffees.

Gough, one of the most famous redeemed drunkards of the century, slipped off the wagon a few times after his rise to fame—or was he pushed? He published his testimony in 1845, the same year he experienced a spectacular episode of insobriety. He said that someone had drugged his soda water and arranged for him to be found looking drunk to discredit him as a prominent man of Temperance. Blame was laid at the hands of conspiring spirits merchants threatened by the strength of activists such as him.

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