Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions by Mark Noble

By Mark Noble

I'm really not precisely a beginner to Drupal, nor am I a professional, so mostly i discovered this publication valuable in advancing my Drupal talents. The booklet introduces modules which are necessary to any reasonably powerful drupal website. an excellent sampling. what's troublesome in regards to the publication is the relatively terrible awareness to element, and procedure. One will get the feel that this used to be narrated after which transcribed simply because there's the occasional "Oh, did I point out this?" type of suppose. for instance, while discussing utilization of the date module, rather than explaining the module, its objective and utilization in the beginning of the dialogue, the date module is brought as a step within the workout within which it really is used. i'm a certified at technical writing, and so for me this point of the publication leaves me annoyed. It wishes a very good editor. yet, in case you are sufferer, the booklet could be very invaluable.

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The documentation that came with the module will typically describe where to find the any required or available settings. In the case of the Image module, there are two new sets of settings: the Images settings and the Image toolkit settings. Both of these are located in the Site Configuration menu within the Administer menu. Now that the custom module has been installed, you can use the module to enhance your site. Security considerations When you add a custom module to your site, you do expose yourself to possible security risks.

The Navigation menu may have multiple levels, which can be expanded or collapsed. The Primary links menu will list only the most important pages of the site. This helps your visitors by quickly pointing out the pages that you feel are the most important ones, and allowing the visitors to quickly jump to these sections. The items in the Primary links menu will normally be duplicated in the Navigation menu. However, the Primary links menu will only have one level. By default, the Primary links menu is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen.


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Spicin up your site with simple HTML Drupal allows you to use several simple HTML tags to improve the formatting of a page. Although HTML can be intimidating at first, it is really quite easy to learn and use. [ 25 ] This material is copyright and is licensed for the sole use by lawrence rambert on 16th June 2009 2012 price st, , rahway, , 07065 Creating Good Eatin's Online Presence Basic formatting These tags allow you to change the appearance of the text when it is displayed on your web site.

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