Effective XML: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your XML by Elliotte Rusty Harold

By Elliotte Rusty Harold

Written for builders conversant in the fundamentals of XML, this consultant bargains 27 information for utilizing right XML syntax and constructions to enhance the maintainability and extensibility of XML records, then offers ten thoughts and APIs for processing XML with languages reminiscent of C++, C#, Java, Python and Perl, and thirteen suggestions for operating with platforms outfitted round XML records.

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You just need to be careful that the new entity definitions appear before the original entity definitions. ) The same principles apply for elements such as Transaction with more complicated content models. Every element name is replaced by a parameter entity reference that points to the name. Every content model is replaced by a parameter entity reference that points to the content model. ELEMENT %TransactionElement; ( %TransactionContent; )> One of the most common adjustments to content models is adding an extra child element.

Colon to the empty string. colon ""> ]> Warning When parameterizing namespace prefixes like this, it is essential that you do not skip any steps. In particular, you must use the double indirection of defining entity references for both the element's qualified name and for its local name and prefix. content;)> For various technical reasons, this will fail. In brief, without the double indirection the parser adds extra space around the resolved entities so that the resolved declaration is malformed.

Dtd"> The internal DTD subset should *not* be used to customize the DTD. Some DTDs also include usage instructions or detailed lists of changes in the current version. There's certainly nothing wrong with this, but I normally prefer to point to some canonical source of documentation for the application. com/statement/ This pretty much exhausts the information that's customarily stored in the header. Naturally, the application likely has somewhat more rigid requirements than this. g. 3450 A leading minus sign is used to indicate a negative number.

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