Foundations of Qt® Development (Expert's Voice in Open by Johan Thelin

By Johan Thelin

Lately i made a decision that i needed to profit C++ GUI programming in home windows for real-time application/graphics programming.
Native C++ offers the regulate essential to optimize such platforms so i wished to prevent the slower .NET.
I began studying MFC because that's what we at the moment use in-house, yet discovered that MFC GUI programming isn't really intuitive at all.
Since Microsoft is pushing .NET, there aren't many present books on MFC programming utilizing local C++.
Moreover, it is also complicated on account that the entire C++ documentation/examples are buried within the .NET documentation so it is simple to move astray.
(Using identify C++ for .NET programming (C++/CLI) makes issues confusing)

I am now 70% of how via this ebook and extremely inspired with it.
Not basically is the publication good written, however the writer particularly is aware the cloth and the examples are correct on target.
(Very few wasted pages)
This booklet covers loads of vitally important features of Qt programming.
Not simply am I inspired with the book/author but in addition with the Qt programming language.
I've programmed in C, C++, Java, IDL, and FORTRAN and Qt turns out to include the simplest rules from those languages.
This e-book made it really easy to choose up GUI programming and the bonus is that the purposes run on a number of platforms.

The purely minor adverse is that a number of the examples within the publication are a piece incomplete or have minor blunders. in the event that your following alongside, each one of these are effortless to fill in/fix, but when you get caught, the entire resource code for the examples is accessible online.

Since the booklet doesn't include an creation to C++, all of the fabric is targeted on Qt improvement. i feel this was once the proper determination simply because there are many solid books in the market for studying C++.

I might purchase this booklet back in a heartbeat.

Thanks to the entire prior studies, due to the fact that they have been a major consider me procuring this ebook.


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In diesem Werk werden alle Aspekte der Sprache C++ behandelt, deshalb ist das Buch ebenso für Einsteiger, mit oder ohne Vorkenntnisse über eine andere Programmiersprache, als auch für Umsteiger von anderen Programmiersprachen bzw. C-Programmierer geeignet. Die Darstellung der Sachverhalte erfolgt knapp und systematisch, die Beispiele sind kurz, prägnant und compiler- unabhängig und auf allen Rechnern mit C++ 2.

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The first half is to check that the text actually has changed. If you do not check this before you connect the textChanged signal to the setText slot of the same object, you will end up with an infinite loop (or as the user would put it, the application will hang). The second half of the change is to actually emit the signal, which is done using the Qt keyword emit followed by the signal’s name and arguments. SIGNALS AND SLOTS UNDER THE HOOD Signals and slots are implemented by Qt using function pointers.

Qxd 26 7/9/07 4:35 PM Page 26 CHAPTER 1 ■ THE QT WAY OF C++ Stacks and Queues The string list takes a list and extends it with methods, making it easier to work with the contents. The other types of special lists are made for putting new items in a specific part of the list and getting items from one specific part. The classes are QStack and QQueue, in which the stack class can be classified as a LIFO (last in, first out) list, and the queue is classified as a FIFO (first in, first out) list. Working with the stack, new items are added to or pushed onto it using push.

So a good starting point when developing an application is to identify the actions that the user can take through the UI shown in Figure 2-1. ■Tip The actions identified here are very much like use cases in the Unified Modeling Language (UML), which means that the two approaches are very compatible. qxd 7/16/07 1:54 PM Page 35 CHAPTER 2 ■ RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT USING QT • The first action is to start the application. When this happens, the list dialog is shown. • From the list dialog, the user adds a new item.

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