Fundamentals of Laser Interactions by Fritz Ehlotzky

By Fritz Ehlotzky

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By the record of fact and the statement of new principles progress will be ensured. The advances of recent years are largely indebted to Gaskell and his work for their initiation, and this Journal heartily appreciates the message he sends it as it takes the first step on its course. Lewis' own paper in the first number was on paroxysmal tachycardia, Mackenzie's was on nodal bradycardia, whilst Cushny wrote on aconitine arrhythmias and Hill on measurement of systolic blood pressure. It was a good start to what became under Lewis' critical editing one of the finest medical journals of the century.

TUI.. 327 The irregular oscillations ari8e in the vicinity of the auricle; the vemricalar electric complex in compleM i"egalarity i8 01 Ike normal lorm .. 331 Oertain deduction8 Irom the clinical linding8 .. 333 • The ex:peMe8 connected with this work have been largely defrayed by grants from the Royal Society and the Britieh Medical Asaociation. , No. 6 Title page of Lewis' seminal paper on the identity of atrial fibrillation. ) cardiograms. An especially fine one from the technical point of view is a recording which shows the mechanical events in the atrium and ventricle of a dog taken simultaneously with the electrocardiogram.

Prior to this major article Lewis had given a preliminary account of the conclusions in a half page article - the shortest he ever wrote - in the British Medical Journal of November 271909, entitled 'Auricular fibrillation: a common clinical condition', in which he said that, 'the facts point clearly to the conclusion that the irregularity in question is the result of auricular fibrillation .. 'Y8 Shortly after this article appeared he first saw a paper in the June 17 1909 issue of Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, in which Carl J.

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