Handbook of Native American Mythology (Handbooks of World by Dawn E Bastian

By Dawn E Bastian

This revealing paintings introduces readers to the mythologies of local american citizens from the U.S. to the Arctic Circle-a wealthy, advanced, and various physique of lore, which continues to be much less widely recognized than mythologies of different peoples and places.
In thematic chapters and encyclopedia-style entries, Handbook of local American Mythology examines the characters and deities, rituals, sacred destinations and items, ideas, and tales that outline mythological cultures of assorted indigenous peoples. by means of tracing the traditions way back to attainable and following their evolution from iteration to new release, Handbook of local American Mythology deals a different point of view on local American background, tradition, and values. It additionally indicates how relevant those traditions are to modern local American lifestyles, together with the continued fight for land rights, fiscal parity, and repatriation of cultural property.
With greater than forty photos, illustrations, and maps, this is the main accomplished and available advent to the mythological background of local North american citizens on hand in a single volume.

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