Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy (THIEME Atlas of Anatomy) by Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher, Brian

By Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher, Brian MacPherson, Cristian Stefan

This moment version of quantity three within the Thieme Atlas
of Anatomy
sequence now covers anatomy of the neck in addition to anatomy of the
head and neuroanatomy. It contains over 2 hundred wonderful new anatomic
illustrations in addition to a considerable variety of extra medical
correlations. Descriptions of anatomic constructions and their relationships to at least one
another, in addition to info at the improvement of the buildings, anomalies,
and universal pathologies, look in each bankruptcy.


  • More than 1300 beautiful, full-color illustrations for the
    head, neck, and neuroanatomy accompany the transparent, concise text
  • An
    innovative, ordinary layout within which each one two-page unfold offers a
    self-contained consultant to a selected topic
  • Summary tables, excellent for
    rapid overview, seem during the text
  • Access to move, neck, and
    neuroanatomy photos on Winking Skull.com PLUS, that includes labels-on, labels-off
    functionality and timed self-tests

This atlas connects the fundamental technological know-how of
anatomy to the scientific perform that scholars are embarking upon whereas taking
anatomy courses.

The THIEME Atlas of Anatomy sequence additionally contains
additional volumes, General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal approach and
Neck and inner Organs.

All volumes of the Thieme Atlas of
are available softcover English/International Nomenclature and
in hardcover with Latin nomenclature.

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This is the only view that displays the uncinate process, which is alm ost completely covered by the m iddle concha when in situ. It partially occludes the entrance to the m axillary sinus, the sem ilunar hiatus, and it is an important landm ark during endoscopic surgery of the maxillary sinus. The narrow depression bet ween the m iddle concha and uncinate process is called the ethm oid infundibulum . ” The superior concha is located at the posterior end of the ethm oid bone. 14 2. Bones, Liga ments, a nd Joints Hard Palate Maxilla Maxillary sinus Palatine bone Sphenoid bone a A Integration of the hard palate into the base of the skull Inferior view.

2 2. Bones, Liga ments, a nd Joints Skull, Anterior View Frontal bone Frontal incisure Parietal bone Supraorbital foram en Supraorbital m argin Sphenoid bone, greater wing Nasal bone Sphenoid bone, lesser wing Temporal bone Orbit Ethm oid bone, perpendicular plate Sphenoid bone, greater wing Infraorbital m argin Zygom atic bone Middle nasal concha Piriform (anterior nasal) aperture Maxilla Vom er Inferior nasal concha Infraorbital foram en Anterior nasal spine Zygomaticalveolar line Teeth Mandible A Anterior view of the skull The boundaries of the facial skeleton (viscerocranium ) can be clearly appreciated in this view (the individual bones are shown in B).

The lat ter arch is the last to develop and is usually considered part of the fourth pharyngeal arch. The external auditory canal is derived from the rst pharyngeal cleft, the t ym panic cavit y and eustachian tube from the rst pharyngeal pouch, and the palatine tonsil from the second pharyngeal pouch. Foram en cecum Thyroglossal duct Hyoid bone Hyoid bone Thyroid cartilage Lateral neck cyst (branchial cleft cyst) Hyoid bone Carotid bifurcation Thyroid cartilage Pyram idal lobe Thyroid gland Thyroid gland Trachea a Foram en cecum Fourth pharyngeal arch Mesenchym e Pyram idal lobe Eustachian tube External auditory canal Pharyngeal arch nerve 1.

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