HTML: The Complete Reference by Thomas Powell

By Thomas Powell

A accomplished, all-in-one reference for all degrees of HTML builders. This bestselling ebook combines idea and perform, and contains vast examples.

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The name should follow the variable-naming conventions for JavaScript (see Chapter 4) in order to facilitate its use in JavaScript scripts. readonly Value: none Prevents field values in type="text" or text="password" from being changed. size="…" Value: width of the displayed field, in characters. 1. value="…" Value: a programmer-supplied default value that will be displayed in the field. This value can be overridden by user input unless the readonly attribute is also specified. The form element typically contains a combination of document text and input fields.

3 illustrates a simple example that uses several input field types. htm) Data Reporting Site Information

Please enter your last name:
Please enter your latitude: N or S
Please enter your longitude: E or W 52 3.

Cellpadding = "…" Values: an integer number of pixels Defines vertical spacing between cells in a table. cellspacing = "…" Values: an integer number of pixels Defines horizontal spacing between cells in a table. colspan = "…" Values: an integer Defines how many columns a cell will span. nowrap Prevents text from being automatically wrapped within a cell. It does not have a value. rowspan = "…" Values: an integer Defines how many rows a cell will span. valign = "…" Values: "top", "middle", or "bottom" Aligns text vertically.

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