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HTML consultant КНИГИ ; WEB-СОЗИДАНИЕ Издательство: speedy examine laptop Страниц: 6 Язык: английский Размер: 3.5 Мб [DJVU]Краткий справочник по HTML, с примерами и графичекими изображениями результатов в браузере. eighty five

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Even though this storage format is optimized for breadth-first traversal, clever page caching techniques can make it optimal for depth-first traversal as well. Consider Figure 1 as an example. If each page is considered as a node and each (vertical or horizontal) proxy link as an edge, it forms a tree structure, which is called a page tree. In the page tree, the edges are ordered so that vertical edges are ordered in the same way as their proxy nodes in the parent page, and the horizontal proxy link, if any, is the last child.

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