HTML: The Definitive Guide (Nutshell Handbooks) by Bill Kennedy, Chuck Musciano

By Bill Kennedy, Chuck Musciano

This e-book is especially useful. you will locate issues during this e-book, and the authors do a very good task of explaining issues.

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Any kind of comparison operation in JavaScript yields a boolean value that specifies whether the comparison succeeded or failed. Since there are two possible truth values, there are two boolean literals: the keywords true or false. = true) { ... if ((a == true) || (b == false) || (i > 10)) done = true; } The null Literal There is one final literal used in JavaScript: the null keyword. All other literals represent a value of a particular data type. null is different--it represents a lack of value.

This would not be okay in IE, however, and would either cause an error or overwrite the value of the parent property. The reason that client-side objects are not case-sensitive in IE is that IE allows the same client-side objects to be used by the VBScript scripting language. VBScript, like Visual Basic, is not case-sensitive, so Microsoft felt that their client-side objects must not be either. Because of Microsoft's requirement for VBScript, it is not likely that the client-side objects will become case-sensitive in a future version of IE; this is an incompatibility that we will have to live with.

C and C++ programmers should note that JavaScript has a distinct boolean data type, unlike C and C++ which simply use integer values to simulate boolean values. Java programmers should note that although JavaScript has a boolean type, it is not nearly as "pure" as the Java boolean data type--JavaScript boolean values are easily converted to and from other data types, and so in practice, the use of boolean values is much more like their use in C and C++ than in Java. 5 Functions A function is a piece of JavaScript code that is defined once in a program and can be executed, or invoked, many times by the program.

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