HTML & XHTML Pocket Reference: Quick, Comprehensive, by Jennifer Niederst Robbins

By Jennifer Niederst Robbins

This ebook is excellent while you're searching for a html/xhtml Reference advisor. This has helped me drastically in my Intro. to internet programing category. there are various attributes to grasp for html/xhtml programing and having this publication in entrance of me is helping whilst i am getting to at least one i do not recognize.

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It can be altered only via a script. Browsers may display disabled controls differently (grayed out, for example), which could be useful for dimming certain controls until required info is supplied. form="id of the form owner" HTML5 only. Explicitly associates the input control with its associated form (its form owner). With this method, the input control does not need to be a child of the form element that applies to it. name="text" HTML5 only. Assigns a name to the fieldset. Example

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Attributes Core, Internationalization, Events, Focus, HTML5 Global Attributes alt="text" Required. Specifies a short description of the image that is displayed when the image file is not available. coords="values" Specifies a list of comma-separated pixel coordinates that define a “hot” area of an image map. href="URI" Specifies the location of the document or resource that is accessed by clicking on the defined area. hreflang="language code" HTML5 only. Specifies the language of the target document.

Div> Denotes a generic “division” within the flow of the document. Elements contained within a div are treated as a semantic group. The div element is typically given meaning with the class, id, title, or lang attributes, which also allow it to be accessible to scripts and selected in style sheets. Start/End Tags Required/Required Attributes Core, Internationalization, Events, HTML5 Global Attributes align="center |left |right" Deprecated. Not in HTML5. Aligns the text within the element to the left, right, or center of the page.

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