Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Histology, 1st Edition by Dr. Radivoj V. Krstić (auth.)

By Dr. Radivoj V. Krstić (auth.)

During the previous 3 many years, histology has noticeable huge, immense development, due to new suggestions and new research tools. quite a few discoveries of significant buildings and morphofunctional phenomena were defined in a wealth of papers of ever expanding measurement and complexity. those publi­ cations became tough to stick with, not just due to their quantity, but additionally due to a disparity of terminology and the multitude of synonyms hired by way of diverse authors. All of this makes examining and comprehension of the growth that has been completed onerous, even for histologists, yet specifically for college kids, researchers in different simple branches of medication, or clinicians who've to refer to histological texts in the course of their reviews or investigations. for you to facilitate the orientation of all these drawn to histology, a concise and sensible quantity in encyclopedic sort, defining and, while, illustrating basic histolog­ ical phrases, enumerating synonyms, and describing morpho­ useful phenomena has turn into precious, either simply because a piece of this style doesn't exist and as the record of Latin phrases elaborated via the foreign Anatomical Nomenclature Committee in 1977 doesn't supply illustrations or definitions of histological phrases. the current paintings makes an attempt to redress this deficiency.

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Anal. Quant. Cytol. : Anal. Quant. Cytol. 4, 263 (1982) Autonomic ganglia (vegetative ganglia, ganglion autonomicum"): All ganglia belonging to i sympathetic and i parasympathetic nervous systems. Structure: 1) Capsule (C): a) external layer = a i dense connective tissue continuous with i epineurium of related pre- and postganglioniC trunks; b) inner layer = i perineurial epithelium and perineurial connective tissue continuous with i perineurium of the already mentioned trunks. 2) i Endoneurium (E) fills interior of A = a i loose connective tissue containing i multipolar neurons (N) with short dendrites synapsing with i preganglionic fibers and great numbers of i nonmyelinated and rare i myelinated nerve fibers (NF).

Have a relatively large i heterochromatin-rich nucleus (N), a small l Golgi apparatus, scarce mitochondria and cisternae of rough endoplasmic reticulum, very numerous free ribosomes, scattered l tonofilaments bound into l tonofibrils (Tf), and some mainly supranuclear t melanin granules (MG). Cell bo rders are very irregular; basal plasmalemma forms several l basal processes (BP) penetrating between i reticular and l collagen microfibrils of i dermal papillae. Lateral cell processes contact similar processes of neighboring cells.

Atrophy, brown (atrophia fusca) : Atrophy of certain tissues or organs (heart muscle, 1 liver parenchymal cells) accompanied by intracellular Auditory meatus, external (meatus acusticus extern us'): A canal about 25 mm long and 8 mm wide lined with 1 skin and situated between 1 auricle and 1 tympanic membrane. Structure: 1) Cartilaginous part (outer half, toward auricle) = a thin 1 epidermis (E) without papillae; numerous 1 hairs (H), 1 sebaceous (SG), and 1 ceruminous (CG) glands in 1 dermis, the latter is firmly attached to the 1 perichondrium (Pl, rendering the skin of A completely immobile.

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