Infantry Combat Medics in Europe, 1944-45 (Palgrave Pivot) by T. Shilcutt

By T. Shilcutt

Medics realized fast to disregard status working methods which will store lives yet tensions inside infantry devices created a paradoxical tradition of isolation and popularity. This groundbreaking paintings examines education and wrestle reviews of squaddies operating in Battalion reduction Stations and people who went as reduction males to the road businesses.

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62 An extended cease-fire provided the Americans the opportunity to relieve their weary countrymen, and rookie company aid man Richard Lease moved up with his platoon taking over an established outpost. 1057/9781137347695 Baptism of Fire 43 Once settled, Lease’s platoon sergeant reconnoitered the area to check positions. But evidently he had not warned his own men, and one of them mistook him for a German and shot him. Lease responded and ably attended the sergeant; he had accompanied riflemen on the practice ranges during training and had treated similar injuries.

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