Investigations on the Theory of the Brownian Movement by Albert Einstein

By Albert Einstein

5 papers (1905-8) investigating dynamics of Brownian movement and evolving easy thought. Notes by means of R. Furth.Five early papers evolve conception that gained Einstein a Nobel Prize. stream of Small debris Suspended in a desk bound Liquid Demanded through the Molecular-Kinetic thought of warmth, at the thought of the Brownian move, a brand new choice of Molecular Dimensions, Theoretical Observations at the Brownian movement, and user-friendly conception of the Brownian movement.

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His employers at the patent office were pleased with Einstein’s work and promoted him to Expert II Class, yet they remained oblivious to his growing reputation. ” He was given two months to write it, and in those two months Einstein realized that his principle of relativity was incomplete. It would need a thorough overhaul if it was to be truly general. The article in the Yearbook was to be a summary of Einstein’s original principle of relativity. This principle states that the laws of physics should look the same in any inertial frame of reference.

If, however, the spaceship is moving at a very fast but constant velocity when the light ray enters, by the time the light hits the far side of the spaceship, the ship will have moved forward and the ray will exit through a window farther back on the ship. From your point of view, the light ray enters at an angle and cuts across in a straight line. If the ship is accelerating, things will look quite different: the light ray will curve through the ship and exit farther back. Here is where Einstein’s insight about the nature of gravity comes into play.

Silberstein had already written a book about Einstein’s more restricted “special theory of relativity” and had followed Eddington’s presentation with interest. ” By the time I first discovered Einstein’s general theory of relativity, Silberstein’s count could probably be adjusted upward. It was the early 1980s, and I saw Carl Sagan on the television series Cosmos talking about how space and time can shrink or stretch. I immediately asked my dad to explain the theory. All he could tell me was that it is very, very difficult.

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