Ion Exchange Technology I: Theory and Materials by Mohamed Mahmoud Nasef, Zaini Ujang (auth.), Inamuddin Dr.,

By Mohamed Mahmoud Nasef, Zaini Ujang (auth.), Inamuddin Dr., Mohammad Luqman (eds.)

Ion-exchange expertise I: concept and fabrics describes the theoretical rules of ion-exchange techniques.

More in particular, this quantity specializes in the synthesis, characterization, and modelling of ion-exchange fabrics and their linked kinetics and equilibria.

This name is a hugely necessary resource not just to postgraduate scholars and researchers but in addition to business R&D experts in chemistry, chemical, and biochemical know-how in addition to to engineers and industrialists.

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Utilization of waste solution The economy of the ion exchange processes can be further improved by process innovation. Particularly, introducing new ion exchange materials with low cost and high tolerance to feed concentrations are key issues in boosting cost reduction and expanding the usage of the technology to new frontiers. Also, introducing computer software and automation help very much to enhance the ion exchange process efficiency. 10 Applications of Ion Exchange Processes The applications for ion exchange processes are numerous and cover wide range of industries and house appliances.

3 Amphoteric Ion Exchange Materials Amphoteric or bipolar ion exchange materials are ion exchangers that have the ability to exchange cations and anions simultaneously with stoichiometric sorption of the whole dissolved salts. These polyions contain both cationic and anionic groups, or a combinations of groups such as –SO3ÀH+ and –N(CH3)2 and –COOH and –N+(CH3)3OHÀ laying back to back on a polymer backbone and also known as ampholytic polymers [42]. When ionic groups of opposite signs are incorporated into the same pendant groups, the material is called, depending on the structure of the pendant groups, a zwitterionic polymers or polybetaines.

This is where feed and beads pass down through the resin bed. On the contrary, up flow operation is used when the feed and resin are raised through a bed. The final flow is counterflow, and it consists of the feed flowing down from the top and the regenerate flows up from the bottom. Most industrial applications of ion exchange use fixed bed column systems, the basic component of which is the resin column. Ion exchange column is typically applied in a pressure vessel, as shown in Fig. 14. It is equipped with appropriate internal plumbing that has two purposes: 1 Introduction to Ion Exchange Processes Ion exchange cloumn 25 Feed solution in Waste acid/ or caustic solution out Ion exchange resins In operation Treated solution out Acid/or caustic solution in In regeneration Fig.

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