Laboratory Exercises in Anatomy and Physiology with Cat by Robert J. Amitrano and Gerard J. Tortora

By Robert J. Amitrano and Gerard J. Tortora

This conventional lab handbook for the A&P path examines each constitution and serve as of the human physique. as well as a wide number of illustrations, the handbook beneficial properties dissection of the cat, various physiological experiments, an emphasis at the examine of anatomy via histology, lists of acceptable phrases accompanying artwork, quite a few photomicrographs and specimen pictures, phonetic pronunciation and derivation of phrases, diagrams of lab apparatus, lab record questions and file templates, and 3 appendices. An instructor's advisor is offered and offers designated info for teachers approximately wanted fabrics, feedback, and solutions to questions.

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Expansive gaze over all allying and allied species, the mind our bodies forth to its imaginative and prescient the whole appointed kind of average majesty; and after having skilled the manifold analogies and differentials of the numerous, is thereby enabled, while it returns to the research of the only, to view this one in all human sort less than manifold attractions, to the appreciation of which the certainty by no means wakens another way.

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3. Anaphase—The third stage of mitosis, anaphase (ana ϭ upward), is characterized by the splitting and separation of the centromeres (and kinetochores) and the movement of the two sister chromatids of each pair toward opposite poles of the cell. Once separated, the chromatids are referred to as chromosomes. As the chromosomes are pulled by the kinetochore microtubules during anaphase, they appear V-shaped because the centromeres lead the way, dragging the trailing arms of the chromosomes toward the pole.

Nearer to or at the front surface of the body. 2 ■ Introduction to the Human Body The anatomical position. 2 The anatomical position. (Continued) ■ Introduction to the Human Body 17 18 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. EXE RCISE TWO ■ Introduction to the Human Body down; in the supine position, the body lies anterior side up. Posterior (pos-TE¯R-e¯-or) (dorsal). Nearer to or at the back of the body. Medial (ME¯-de¯-al). Nearer the midline of the body. The midline is an imaginary vertical line that divides the body into equal left and right sides.

Sigmoid colon of large intestine PART 4 ■ 29 Matching 44. Anterior A. Passes through iliac crests 45. Skull B. Contains spinal cord 46. Transtubercular line C. Nearer the midline 47. Armpit D. Thoracic 48. Umbilical region E. Cervical 49. Medial F. Axillary 50. Cranial cavity G. Contains the heart 51. Anterior surface of knee H. Cranial 52. Breast I. Antebrachial 53. Chest J. Gluteal 54. Buttock K. Mammary 55. Superior L. Sole 56. Groin M. Contains navel 57. Vertebral canal N. Buccal 58. Cheek O.

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