Lysimachus: A Study in Early Hellenistic Kingship by Dr Helen S Lund, Helen S. Lund

By Dr Helen S Lund, Helen S. Lund

Even supposing short-lived, Lysimachus' Hellespontine empire foreshadowed these of Pergamum and Byzantium. Helen Lund units Lysimachus' activities opposed to the history of the early Hellenistic international. Lund compares and contrasts Lysimachus' perform in struggle, kingship and executive with that of his contemporaries, predecessors and successors for you to view his achievements within the context of a continuum of imperial rule in Asia Minor. Lund additionally areas facts for Lysimachus' rule in its literary, political and social context.

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57 For Lysimachus, the cities of the West Pontic coast represented a rich prize. How, then, were their fortunes affected by his arrival on the scene? LYSIMACHUS’ GOVERNMENT OF THE WEST PONTIC CITIES Lysimachus’ reputation as a miser, combined with the evidence for garrisons in the cities, has led to the belief that he squeezed these prosperous poleis dry, subjecting them to harsh government. 58 One restriction upon autonomy does not, however, presuppose a host of others; as will be seen, in the context of the Successors’ wars, garrisons were an indispensable military precaution.

In conclusion then, it seems likely that Lysimachus achieved a working arrangement in south-eastern Thrace whereby the effective independence of dynasts like Seuthes and Spartocus in the upper Tonsus area was the price paid for continued peace and control of the region outlined by Arrian for 323 BC. Nevertheless, the military objective of regaining the ground lost during Alexander’s reign had not been achieved and Lysimachus could be accused of failing to show the promise which may have prompted his appointment.

292 BC, Lysimachus nobly rejects the advice of his philoi to abandon his men and save himself. 46 What of the claim that Lysimachus had in Duris an apologist who was not above outright falsification of events to put his patron in a better light? The two main arguments for Duris as Lysimachus’ creature are Lysimachus’ toleration of Duris’ tyranny in Samos and Duris’ consistent hostility to Demetrius, Lysimachus’ great foe. 49 If Duris was hostile to one set of ‘protectors’, why should he be any more positive towards their successor?

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