Making and Marketing Medicine in Renaissance Florence. (Clio by James Shaw, Evelyn Welch

By James Shaw, Evelyn Welch

What did you do if you fell ailing in fifteenth-century Florence? How did you get the medicinal drugs that you simply wanted at a cost you may have the funds for? What may you discover if you entered an apothecary's store? This richly precise research of the Speziale al Giglio in Florence presents mind-blowing solutions, demonstrating the ongoing significance of hugely customized scientific perform past due into the 15th century. Drawing on huge archival examine, it indicates how own relationships and mutual belief, instead of marketplace forces, made money attainable even for people with restricted earning. analyzing the areas, humans and items concerned, Making and advertising medication investigates the jobs performed via sociability, info networks and rules in growing groups in addition to in selling health and wellbeing in Renaissance Italy.

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There is also some evidence that the shop was a space for consumption of medical products as well as for their production. 14 This may explain why apothecary shops were frequently connected with intellectual and literary activities. 17 There was much to discuss in Florence between the summers of 1493 and 1494. First of all, there was the weather. In January 1494, Luca Landucci noted: The day of San Bastiano [Saint Sebastian] there was the severest snowstorm in Florence that the oldest people could remember.

366 ff, ‘chartte per mano di ser mo[n]tt[e] di ve[n]ttura nottaio a cha[l]zolai’. E882, fo. ) in the name of ‘ser Monte di ventura notaio al arte de chalzolai’, who is probably the same man listed on fo. 10v, ‘ser Monte di 48 The Shop and the City 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. Ventura notaio alla merchatantia’, an entry dated 1490. This suggests that he transferred from the guild to the merchants’ court at some point. ASF, Notarile Antecosimiano 10586, fo. 136r. K.

In addition to the doctors and apothecaries themselves, the Guild incorporated mercers, chandlers, stationers, leather-workers, metal-workers and painters. By the midfourteenth century, it had expanded to incorporate barbers – who undertook a considerable amount of medical interventions – and grave-diggers. 31 In Florence, by contrast, it was not even easy to differentiate between apothecaries and grocers who dealt in spices. 33 Nonetheless, such trends may represent only an aggregate decline in 40 The Shop and the City the number of operators, while those who remained in business continued to prosper.

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