Managing and Breeding Wheat for Organic Systems: Enhancing by Muhammad Asif

By Muhammad Asif

This ebook is concentrated on breeding wheat for more advantageous aggressive skill besides different agronomic, genetic and molecular stories which have been undertaken to enhance weed suppression, disorder resistance and caliber in organically controlled lands.

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2007) (YUE et al. 12 (Zhang et al. 2004) (Zhu et al. 2008) (Zhang et al. 2005) (Zhou et al. 2 Genetics and Genomics of Competitiveness 43 44 3 Strategies to Enhance Competitive Ability demand of ever increasing human population, plant breeders are adopting new approaches to develop cultivars with improved crop yields, better quality, and enhanced resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. During the last two decades, a large number of genetic tools based on molecular marker technologies have been evolved that resulted in precise genotyping to study the level and change of molecular diversity in a particular crop species.

22 Xiaoyan 9 9251725-1 No. 7A Variation explained (%) (continued) (Trethowan et al. 2012) (Zuo et al. 2012) (Zuo et al. 2012) (Spielmeyer et al. 2007) (An et al. 28 Variation explained (%) (continued) (Rebetzke et al. 2001a) (Zhang et al. 4 Variation explained (%) (continued) (Coleman et al. 2001) (Rebetzke et al. 2001a) (Rebetzke et al. 1 29 (continued) (Rebetzke et al. 2007 (Rebetzke et al. 2007 (Rebetzke et al. 2007) (Wu et al. 2003) Variation Reference explained (%) P32/M48–316 P32/M48–93 ksuG9c wPt-0615 Stm55ltgag wPt-8855 Rht-B1b psr426 psr326b Rht-B1b,wmc76 Linked markers 40 3 Strategies to Enhance Competitive Ability Coleoptile length Wheat Kukri 9 Janz Rice Zhenshan 97 (Indica) 9 IRAT109 (upland) Flag leaf area Wheat Cv.

1. Weed species also vary in competitive ability and it is a well-established fact that grassy weeds are more aggressive than others. It was reported that 120 plants m-2 of Avena sterilis L. had greater interference on barley than Phalaris minor at 400 plants m-2 (Dhima et al. 2000). Weed species were also ranked as Chenopodium album L. [ Phalaris minor. [ Sinapis arvensis L. according to their order of competitive ability (Iqbal and Wright 1999). However, similar competitive ability of P. minor and P.

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