Mastering enterprise JavaBeans(tm) by Ed Roman; Rima Patel Sriganesh; Gerald Brose

By Ed Roman; Rima Patel Sriganesh; Gerald Brose

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NET platform EJB as a Business Tier Component The real difference between presentation tier components such as thick clients, dynamically generated Web pages, or Web Service clients and enterprise beans is the domain in which they operate. Presentation components are well suited to handle client-side operations, such as rendering GUIs, executing client-side validations, constructing appropriate SOAP messages to send them to Web Service, and so on. They deal directly with the end user or business partner.

In fact, EJB encourages collaboration of more than six different parties. Each of these parties is an expert in its own field and is responsible for a key part of a successful EJB deployment. Because each party is a specialist, the total time required to build an enterpriseclass deployment is significantly reduced. Together, these players form the EJB Ecosystem. Let’s discuss who the players are in the EJB Ecosystem. As you read on, think about your company’s business model to determine which role you fill.

Io, and so on). Because J2EE builds on J2SE, a J2EE-compliant product must not only implement all of J2EE, but must also implement all of J2SE. This means that building a J2EE product is an absolutely huge undertaking. This barrier to entry has resulted in significant industry consolidation in the Enterprise Java space, with a few players emerging from the pack as leaders. 4. 6. 4-compliant implementation will support for you. ■■ Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). EJB defines how server-side components are written and provides a standard contract between components and the application servers that manage them.

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