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Objektorientierte Programmiersprache C++: Vollständige Einführung anhand von Beispielen (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)

In diesem Werk werden alle Aspekte der Sprache C++ behandelt, deshalb ist das Buch ebenso für Einsteiger, mit oder ohne Vorkenntnisse über eine andere Programmiersprache, als auch für Umsteiger von anderen Programmiersprachen bzw. C-Programmierer geeignet. Die Darstellung der Sachverhalte erfolgt knapp und systematisch, die Beispiele sind kurz, prägnant und compiler- unabhängig und auf allen Rechnern mit C++ 2.

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Once you learn regular expressions, you wonder how you could ever have gotten by without them. A full command of regular expressions represents an invaluable skill. This book provides the information needed to acquire that skill, and it is my hope that it will provide the motivation to do so, as well. Page 4 Regular Expressions as a Language Unless you've had some experience with regular expressions, you won't understand the regular expression ^(From|Subject): from the last example, but there's nothing magic about it.

You'll find both to be extremely useful. Also, take care when using caret or dollar in an expression with alternation. Compare ^From|Subject|Date: with ^(From|Subject|Date): . Both appear similar to our earlier email example, but what each matches (and therefore how useful it is) differs greatly. The first is composed of three plain alternatives, so it will match when we have " ^From or Subject Date: or , " which is not particularly useful. We want the leading caret and trailing : to apply to each alternative.

Ken Lunde's review turned out to be an incredibly detailed copyedit that smoothed out the English substantially. ) Wayne Berke's 25 pages of detailed, insightful comments took weeks to implement, but added substantially to the overall quality. Tom Christiansen's review showed his prestigious skills are not only computational, but linguistic as well: I learned quite a bit about English from him, too. But Tom's skills Page xxiii are computational indeed: discussions resulting from Tom's review were eventually joined in by Larry Wall, who caught a few of my more major Perl gaffes.

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