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20 Principles of Medical Law 9 Office and dispensary should be fully equipped with necessary apparatus. The physician should improve his knowledge by studying medical books, old and new, and reading current publications. This really is the fundamental duty of a physician. 10 A physician should be ready to respond to the call of government officials with respect and sincerity. He should inform them the cause of the disease and prescribe accordingly. After healing, he should not seek for a complimentary tablet or plead excuse for another’s difficulty.

1 Standards of care (a) Practise the science and art of medicine to the best of your ability and within the limits of your expertise. (b) Continue self-education to improve your standard of medical care. (c) Evaluate your patient completely and thoroughly. (d) Maintain accurate and contemporaneous clinical records. (e) Ensure that doctors and other health professionals who assist in the care of your patient are qualified and competent to carry out that care. 2 Respect for patients (a) Ensure that your professional conduct is above reproach.

Comment Medical ethics is a body of rules compounded from idealism and practicality which physicians accept as their moral standard. Its purpose is to promote the prime object of the medical profession, service to humanity, and also to assist the regulation of medical practice by the government. The standard of medical ethics varies according to races, habits, customs and times. An action considered moral by one people may not be so considered by others. On the other hand, conduct once regarded as a great fault may not be so in our times.

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